Online Backup and Restore


Cloud based Online Backup and Restore application which is fully automated, no user intervention is required after installation!

Once installed, the IronTree application runs as a service on your PC and launches automatically at a daily scheduled time without any user intervention. As long as your computer is powered on and has Internet connectivity, the scheduled data backup will be processed. Additionally, daily email notifications indicating backup results give visibility to the end-user, so immediate action can be taken should a backup fail for whatever reason.

Features & Benefits


 100% Secure

 Reduced bandwidth impact (only incremental changes are uploaded)

 Data is recoverable to-the-day within 60 days

 Your important company and private data is secure from fire and theft as your data is stored offsite

 Cost effective

 Easy to install

 Data can be retrieved and restored at any time from anywhere

 Irontree is approved and recommended by major companies, both locally and internationally